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Indigenizing the News is a curated monthly news source focused on highlighting the lives of Native and other Indigenous peoples around the world. The newsletter includes a combination of news articles, literature reviews, art and poetry, original work, traditional practices and histories, and more. 

 Today, the majority of non-Native and non-Indigenous people are largely uneducated in topics surrounding Indigenous communities. This lack of education allows for the violent methods of erasure and oppression against Indigenous peoples to continue throughout the world. I hope this newsletter is empowering for Indigenous peoples to advance their own learning, but I also firmly maintain that it is also meant for settler and other non-Indigenous allies to educate themselves, evaluate their relationship to Indigenous peoples and communities, and ultimately pursue meaningful forms of social justice.  

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Indigenizing the News has compiled literature and other resources for educators and other allies seeking to integrate Native communities into their educations and classrooms.


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“There are no means more essential to our collective revitalization and empowerment than education. As Native peoples, we must develop and proliferate the knowledge and skills to advocate for ourselves in any given context, and this newsletter plays a crucial role in furthering that pursuit.”

— Andrew DeGuglielmo, Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians

“For white women, fighting for real equity and justice requires listening to the communities whose voices we have historically erased and subjugated when gaining our own freedoms. If white women aren't actively listening to, supporting, and including Indigenous voices and feminisms, then we are actively oppressing them. For allies who don't know what this fight looks like yet, Indigenizing the News is where we start.”

— Miranda Dotson, Ally

“Communities of color need to support each other. In order to elevate the narratives of groups that have historically been silenced, we need to be educated on how best to be an ally. When discussing the history of imperialism, it is essential to recognize the colonization of Indigenous populations that occurred paradoxically and simultaneously with the founding of the United States and other settler nations. The persecution and dehumanization of Indigenous communities by global leadership and policy is a reality that we must face. It is time to stand in solidarity, seek to learn, and grow in our empathy with our brothers and sisters of color."

— Eliza Lafferty, Ally


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